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Story 2 – Sam Helps his Neighbor Rick

In 2008, Sam called the Adult Protective Services Hotline. Sam was concerned about his elderly neighbor, Rick. Sam lived next door to Rick for 30 years.

A young lady had somehow appeared at the home recently and was taking him out to shopping centers and dinners every night. This was strange, since Rick lived on a fixed income in his paid off home.

Adult Protective Services sent a person to interview Rick. Rick reacted very badly and refused to talk to the APS worker and said nothing was wrong. It was then that Sam went searching on the County Recorder’s office and found that several new loans were taken out against Rick’s home with the notary as this young lady.

Sam contacted several elder law attorneys and a private investigator. The private investigator found several family members that Rick had been out of contact with. Sam called those family members who immediately flew into town to talk to Rick.

There was an intervention by the police department, Sam, the family and an attorney that the family hired. The group managed to convince Rick finally that he was being preyed upon.

Further investigation later led the police to three others that the young lady had been scamming. The smart action by Sam, who was looking out for his friend, led not only the removal of an elder abuser but saved three others as well.