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Story 1 – Tammy Helps Her Sister Grace

In 2008, Tammy called the Adult Protective Services Hotline to report that her sister, Grace, was being abused. Grace lived here in Arizona, while Tammy and her entire family lived in New Hampshire. While the distance between them is great, Tammy and Grace speak to each other each night on the phone for at least an hour and keep in contact.

Tammy was concerned because Grace was over 90 and had a granddaughter living with her, along with the granddaughter’s ex-husband and their five children. Tammy reported that the granddaughter was a drug user and financially exploits Grace. The granddaughter’s husband threatens Grace with physical abuse.

Adult Protective Services had gone far beyond their call in this case. The case worker spent countless hours trying to just get the details on the extent of the abuse to report so they could help improve the situation.

The police also went out to the house several times, yet each time Grace would refute any allegation of abuse. Since the children had no other family, Grace refused to report any abuse to APS or law enforcement in fear of the children’s well-being, and so the situation continued.

Tammy kept up her nightly conversations and one day called the Adult Protective Services Hotline back, this time reporting that the granddaughter had physically hit one of the girls and left a bruise across her face. She also reported that the granddaughter had been in a treatment program down the street for mental illness and was leaving the children in Grace’s hands.

The Crime, Fraud & Victim Resource Center immediately moved in the police, Adult Protective Services and Child Protective Services. When the police arrived at the house, the ex-husband threatened the police with force if they tried to come inside and take the children.

The police ran the granddaughter’s ex-husband’s criminal record and found that he had several outstanding felony warrants in Washington State, including armed robbery and manslaughter. The police arrested the ex-husband.

CPS found out at the same time that the granddaughter had left the treatment facility and was selling and using narcotics. The police arrested her too. CPS was able to secure the children and APS was dispatched to help out Grace. Tammy and the whole family in New Hampshire flew out to start adoption proceedings and help Grace recover.

None of this would have happened without Tammy’s constant attention and effort. Grace was no longer in an abusive situation. In the process, they found a very bad person with several felonies and rescued children who were living in a neglectful situation.