The Pledge List

I Will Prevent Elder AbuseIf you would like your name added to the pledge list, take the pledge to do everything you can to prevent and report elder abuse and exploitation.

Who Wouldn’t Want To Be On This List?

The kind hearted people listed below have taken The Pledge and agreed to be included on our website. They are individuals in business, civic, community, and governmental endeavors who have decided to make a personal commitment to elder abuse prevention.

Of course once you take the pledge, we can’t enforce your actions or monitor you in any way; but you have made a promise that can have extraordinary benefits if you follow through.

Whether you represent the leadership of an organization or have made your pledge as an individual, one thing is clear: you have promised to do everything you can to recognize and report elder abuse and exploitation.

You can find your Name, Affiliation or Coalition by using the search box below. 

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Last First Affiliation Coalition
Koeppen Randy   MEAPA
Kormes Sarah   WACOG-Mohave PAVAA
Kowall Ericka C   MEAPA
Kreyling Eleanor   MEAPA
Kusich Charlene   MEAPA
Kuttler Cristina   MEAPA
Larios Jesus   WACOG-YUMA
Laskin Wendy   MEAPA
Lavine Mary Ann   MEAPA
Leach Deborah   MEAPA
Lewis Larry P.   MEAPA
Lewis Pauline   MEAPA
Lippincott Connie   MEAPA
Lomeli Joe   WACOG-YUMA
Lopez Jesus   WACOG-YUMA
Lovato Coleen   WACOG-YUMA
Lupercio Richard   WACOG-YUMA
Luptowski Jacqueline   MEAPA
Lynd Laura   MEAPA
Macaluso Victoria   MEAPA
Macias Jose   WACOG-YUMA
Madden Bob   MEAPA
Magallon Ramiro   WACOG-YUMA
Magliocco Carol   MEAPA
Mahler Katie   MEAPA
Major Susan M.   MEAPA
Manley Noelle   MEAPA
Manso Reina   MEAPA
Mayhew Grayce   MEAPA
McAllister Shirley   MEAPA
McArdle Dennis   MEAPA
McCauley Sue   MEAPA
McCoy Alice L.   MEAPA
McDaniel Dorothy   MEAPA
McDermott Bianca   MEAPA
McNab Delroy   MEAPA
Metcalfe Jody   WACOG-Mohave PAVAA
Mitchell Kathy   MEAPA
Monjardin Ramona   WACOG-YUMA
Moore Jackie   MEAPA
Moscou Dolores K   WACOG-Mohave PAVAA
Mulvey Liz   MEAPA
Murphy Lorenza A   MEAPA
Newark David   MEAPA
Nissen Jim   MEAPA
Nudi Habiba   MEAPA
Ojeda Imelda   WACOG-YUMA
Ontiveros Karina   WACOG-YUMA
Ormsbee Lee   MEAPA
P Betty   MEAPA
Palacios Samuel   WACOG-YUMA
Pampara M. Angelica   WACOG-YUMA
Parker Ward   MEAPA
Patterson Cyndi   MEAPA
Payne Tracy   WACOG-Mohave PAVAA
Perfect Maureen   MEAPA
Phelan Andy   WACOG-YUMA
Phillips Barbara   MEAPA
Phillips Katherine   WACOG-Mohave PAVAA
Pina Daniel   WACOG-YUMA
Polly Bernadette   SEAGO-COCHISE
Pope Edward   WACOG-Mohave PAVAA
Pristo Ricardo   WACOG-YUMA
Pugh Cheryl   MEAPA
Ramirez Karen   WACOG-YUMA
Richmond Cindy   MEAPA
Richter Thomas   SEAGO-COCHISE
Riley James L.   SEAGO-COCHISE
Rivera Mayra   WACOG-YUMA
Robles Ana   WACOG-YUMA
Rodriguez Raul   WACOG-YUMA
Rodriguez Veronica   WACOG-YUMA
Romayo Dawn   MEAPA
Ross Brianna   WACOG-YUMA
Ross Heidi   MEAPA
Salas Mary   WACOG-YUMA
Savattone Dawn   MEAPA
Scali Lina   MEAPA
Schaffer Sierra   WACOG-Mohave PAVAA
Schnayer Caren   MEAPA
Scott John M.   MEAPA
Seagall Joy   MEAPA
Shea Susan   MEAPA
Shepard Judith   MEAPA
Singleton Nanette   MEAPA
Skinner Rick   MEAPA
Slagowski Joy   MEAPA
Smith E. Denise   MEAPA
Smith Mary Beth   MEAPA
Snyder Edwin   MEAPA
Sotelo Priscilla   WACOG-YUMA
Spell Sonja   MEAPA
Sposato Roxanne   MEAPA
Stamp Robin   MEAPA
Stanewich Laura   MEAPA
Stevensen Pam   MEAPA
Stone Mark   MEAPA
Stoner Cynthia   MEAPA
Stovall Yvonne D.   MEAPA
Displaying 601 - 700 of 1059 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11