The Pledge List

I Will Prevent Elder AbuseIf you would like your name added to the pledge list, take the pledge to do everything you can to prevent and report elder abuse and exploitation.

Who Wouldn’t Want To Be On This List?

The kind hearted people listed below have taken The Pledge and agreed to be included on our website. They are individuals in business, civic, community, and governmental endeavors who have decided to make a personal commitment to elder abuse prevention.

Of course once you take the pledge, we can’t enforce your actions or monitor you in any way; but you have made a promise that can have extraordinary benefits if you follow through.

Whether you represent the leadership of an organization or have made your pledge as an individual, one thing is clear: you have promised to do everything you can to recognize and report elder abuse and exploitation.

You can find your Name, Affiliation or Coalition by using the search box below. 

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Last First Affiliation Coalition
Burer Bonnie   SEAGO-COCHISE
Butler Erin   MEAPA
Calhoun Ernest   SEAGO-COCHISE
Calhoun Terneisa   Ageless Alliance
Campbell Dona   MEAPA
Carbajal Israel   WACOG-YUMA
Carrasco Fernando   WACOG-YUMA
Carver Lawrence A.   WACOG-Mohave PAVAA
Casillas Virginia   WACOG-YUMA
Cassidy Shoun   WACOG-YUMA
Cavaliere Johanna   MEAPA
Ceballos Dolores   MEAPA
Chandler Vera   MEAPA
Chuman Glenda   MEAPA
Clark Leonard   MEAPA
Clark Steven   WACOG-YUMA
Cloniger Ellodee   MEAPA
Cocuzza Paul   MEAPA
Contreras Ana   WACOG-YUMA
Cooper Gerald   MEAPA
Copeland Paula   MEAPA
Coppola Sandra   WACOG-YUMA
Corrigan Karen   MEAPA
Cotman Benjamin B.   WACOG-YUMA
Curtis Beth   MEAPA
D Donna   MEAPA
Dash Sheila   MEAPA
DeFrancesco Joseph J.   SEAGO-COCHISE
DeLong Norma   WACOG-Mohave PAVAA
Desai Hemlata   MEAPA
DeVries Laurie   WACOG-Mohave PAVAA
Diak Joyce   MEAPA
Ditsworth Emma   MEAPA
Donahue Cindy   SEAGO-COCHISE
Dorris Peggy   WACOG-Mohave PAVAA
Drabik Lynn   MEAPA
Edidin Nina   WACOG-YUMA
Elkin Lisa   MEAPA
Ellingwood Linda   MEAPA
Elliott Debby   MEAPA
Esperanza Macaya   MEAPA
Espinoza Jesus T   Ageless Alliance
Esplin Ryan   WACOG-Mohave PAVAA
Estrada Leonardo   MEAPA
Estupinan Raquel   WACOG-YUMA
Felix Nancy C   WACOG-YUMA
Fisher Sandra L.   Ageless Alliance
Flores Ana   MEAPA
Fox Theresa   WACOG-YUMA
Fraenkel Paulette   MEAPA
Freeman Ashley   MEAPA
Garland Barbara   MEAPA
Gault Patricia   MEAPA
Gavino Norma   WACOG-YUMA
Glassgow Linda   MEAPA
Goddard Terry   MEAPA
Gonzales Pamila   WACOG-Mohave PAVAA
Gooch Kamisha   MEAPA
Goodale Doris   WACOG-Mohave PAVAA
Goodchild Mary   MEAPA
Goselia Bhakti   MEAPA
Graham Phyllis   WACOG-YUMA
Grimes Michael   MEAPA
Grizzard Loren V   MEAPA
Guerrero Rachel   MEAPA
Havlic Susanne   MEAPA
Hays David   MEAPA
Headen Samuel W   MEAPA
Headen Sandra   MEAPA
Healy Marsha L.   MEAPA
Heinrich Janice   MEAPA
Hernandez Rhoda   WACOG-YUMA
Hettervik Don A.   WACOG-YUMA
Heyer-Boyd Berit   MEAPA
Hills Sandra L   MEAPA
Hodge Shannon   MEAPA
Hofmann Esther   SEAGO-COCHISE
Holbert Douglas   WACOG-YUMA
Horton Karla   MEAPA
Hupperts Connie   MEAPA
Ibrahim Mohamed   MEAPA
Jackson Geraldine   MEAPA
James Michelle   MEAPA
Jansen Bill   WACOG-Mohave PAVAA
Jansen Rita   WACOG-Mohave PAVAA
Johannsen Gina   WACOG-YUMA
Johnson Vernon   MEAPA
Jones John E   MEAPA
Juarez Araceli   WACOG-YUMA
Jurgensen Wendy   MEAPA
Kassongo Nadia   MEAPA
Keller Dayna   MEAPA
Kelly Jim   MEAPA
Kidder Randy   SEAGO-COCHISE
Klemis Carmen   MEAPA
Knaut Jim   MEAPA
Knudson Mary   MEAPA
Displaying 501 - 600 of 1059 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11