The Pledge List

I Will Prevent Elder AbuseIf you would like your name added to the pledge list, take the pledge to do everything you can to prevent and report elder abuse and exploitation.

Who Wouldn’t Want To Be On This List?

The kind hearted people listed below have taken The Pledge and agreed to be included on our website. They are individuals in business, civic, community, and governmental endeavors who have decided to make a personal commitment to elder abuse prevention.

Of course once you take the pledge, we can’t enforce your actions or monitor you in any way; but you have made a promise that can have extraordinary benefits if you follow through.

Whether you represent the leadership of an organization or have made your pledge as an individual, one thing is clear: you have promised to do everything you can to recognize and report elder abuse and exploitation.

You can find your Name, Affiliation or Coalition by using the search box below. 

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Last First Affiliation Coalition
Adameczyk Maria   WACOG-YUMA
Adams Barry J. Tri-Valley EMS WACOG-YUMA
Adams Leslie   MEAPA
Ahlstrom Craig   Ageless Alliance
Al-ogaili Nawal   MEAPA
Alexon Terri L.   MEAPA
Alka Mary Yuma Nursing Center WACOG-YUMA
Anderson Joeylyn The Crossing Hospice MEAPA
Andreski Thad   MEAPA
Annprather Beth WACOG WACOG-YUMA
Antonowicz Ed   MEAPA
Appell Mary   WACOG-YUMA
Ardisana Cheryl Southwest Institute for Bio-Advancement MEAPA
Babiars Brian Western Arizona Council of Governments WACOG-YUMA
Bachman Julie   WACOG-Mohave PAVAA
Bailey Curtis D.   WACOG-YUMA
Baker Kaye   MEAPA
Barajas Francisco   WACOG-YUMA
Barajas Raul   WACOG-YUMA
Barhydt Kathrine   WACOG-Mohave PAVAA
Barkley J. David   SEAGO-COCHISE
Barnard Marilyn WACOG WACOG-YUMA
Barraza Patricia Valley of the Sun Medicaid Planning MEAPA
Barreto Juan   MEAPA
Barry Cassandra   MEAPA
Beeman Susan J   WACOG-Mohave PAVAA
Bell Lo Ann   MEAPA
Bernstein Jodi   MEAPA
Blewett Joyce   MEAPA
Blum Sandy   MEAPA
Bogdanovic Lejla   MEAPA
Bonilla Reyna   WACOG-YUMA
Bonkrude Karissa   MEAPA
Bowden Mary   MEAPA
Bradley Patricia The Brown Girls Real Estate Team MEAPA
Brant Virginia   MEAPA
Brennan Nicole   MEAPA
Briseno Pascual   WACOG-YUMA
Brown Marina The Crossroads Home Care MEAPA
Brown Julie   MEAPA
Bynn Kevin W Yuma PD WACOG-YUMA
Conner Megan Sunwest Pharmacy MEAPA
Cross Kristina The Crossroads Home Care MEAPA
Cross Tom The Crossroads Home Care MEAPA
Cummings Joyce Tanner Properties MEAPA
Deermer James Town of Wellton WACOG-YUMA
DiNola Diane Transition Services & Solutions MEAPA
Dytko Leslie A. The Summit at Sunland Springs MEAPA
Eidelman Yuri Sunwest Pharmacy MEAPA
Elsorady Autumn The Crossroads Home Care MEAPA
Englehardt Sarah Synergy Home Care of Scottsdale MEAPA
Erickson Lisa Sunwest Pharmacy MEAPA
Ferguson Greg Yuma County WACOG-YUMA
Firebash Robbi WACOG Head Start WACOG-YUMA
Gutting Samantha Sunwest Pharmacy MEAPA
Hancock Kirsten E. Wells Fargo Bank MEAPA
Harris Jasmine K Sunwest Pharmacy MEAPA
Hernandez Karen Villa Home Care MEAPA
Jackson Arnold Tanner Community Development Corporation MEAPA
Johnson Stacey The Law Office of Stacey L Johnson PLLC MEAPA
Jose Rosemary Yuma Nursing Center WACOG-YUMA
King Courtney United Way of SV and Cochise County SEAGO-COCHISE
Lipps Jessica Sunwest Pharmacy MEAPA
Morast Lisa The Springs at North Mountain MEAPA
Morrow-Jones Germania (Teena) Yavapai-Apache Nation MEAPA
Nathan Allyson Your Care Partners MEAPA
Navarro Francisco YCIPTA WACOG-YUMA
Opendo Mona Timeless Care Assisted Living MEAPA
Ourso Kristin Team Simplify MEAPA
Perkey Betty Western AZ Council of Governments WACOG-YUMA
Pink Tara West Suburban Senior Services Ageless Alliance
Poker-Yount Elaine Visiting Angels-Mesa MEAPA
Primock Deborah S. Southwest Fiduciary MEAPA
Rose Louis Vista Del Rio MEAPA
Ruby Jeff Yuma Police Department WACOG-YUMA
Ruiz Edith Yuma Police Dept WACOG-YUMA
Ruppel Gisela WACOG WACOG-Mohave PAVAA
Scanlan Brian Yuma Police Department WACOG-YUMA
Shields Graciela WACOG WACOG-YUMA
Smith Jon R. Yuma County WACOG-YUMA
Stewart Deena Gayle Tucson Administration of MEAPA
Stuart Lenore Yuma County WACOG-YUMA
Valentine Lisa Verde Valley Community Hospice MEAPA
Walden John Sunwest Pharmacy MEAPA
Wargo Steve SWAT HD Multi Media Productions MEAPA
Wheeler-Ruby Candy Yuma County Public Fiduciary WACOG-YUMA
Whittington Gina WACOG WACOG-YUMA
Williams Debra United Health Group WACOG-Mohave PAVAA
Willis John Southern Arizona Legal Aid SEAGO-COCHISE
Wilmot Leon Yuma County Sherrif\'s Office WACOG-YUMA
Wilson Kari The Summit at Sunland Springs MEAPA
Wojcik Lynn Yuma Fire Department WACOG-YUMA
Displaying 401 - 500 of 1059 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11