The Pledge List

I Will Prevent Elder AbuseIf you would like your name added to the pledge list, take the pledge to do everything you can to prevent and report elder abuse and exploitation.

Who Wouldn’t Want To Be On This List?

The kind hearted people listed below have taken The Pledge and agreed to be included on our website. They are individuals in business, civic, community, and governmental endeavors who have decided to make a personal commitment to elder abuse prevention.

Of course once you take the pledge, we can’t enforce your actions or monitor you in any way; but you have made a promise that can have extraordinary benefits if you follow through.

Whether you represent the leadership of an organization or have made your pledge as an individual, one thing is clear: you have promised to do everything you can to recognize and report elder abuse and exploitation.

You can find your Name, Affiliation or Coalition by using the search box below. 

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Last First Affiliation Coalition
Aguirre Amanda Regional Center for Border Health WACOG-YUMA
Albin Sarah Mid-America Regional Council Ageless Alliance
Anderson Jeanette D. John Hall & Associates MEAPA
Anderson Pamela Landmark Cafe SEAGO-COCHISE
Ashelford Christina Mohave County Attorney\'s Office WACOG-Mohave PAVAA
Beezer Carol Mohave County Superior Court WACOG-Mohave PAVAA
Bielicki Dennis Sierra Vista Sunrise Rotary SEAGO-COCHISE
Bracy Cindy Mohave County Superior Court WACOG-Mohave PAVAA
Brimhall Becky Mission MD MEAPA
Brinkmeyer Denise JUMP Technology Services Ageless Alliance
Browne Jennifer Sierra Winds Skilled Nursing Facility MEAPA
Buckles Karen Senior Helpers MEAPA
Bylow Linda Social Service Coordinators MEAPA
Casas Marie Mercy Care Plan MEAPA
Chandler Carol MD24 Housecare MEAPA
Clarke Suzanne Kingman Aid to Abused People WACOG-Mohave PAVAA
Cook Charlotte Professional Health Consultants MEAPA
Davis Cathy Paradise Sunset Chapel Funeral Home MEAPA
Dobrick Kenneth R. Multi Med Concepts MEAPA
DoVico Anna Marie Southwest Fiduciary MEAPA
Erickson Georganne Kindred Homes WACOG-YUMA
Farley Amy Right at Home MEAPA
Fischer Scott Options for Senior Living MEAPA
Fjell Erin M. Renaissance Luxury Senior Living MEAPA
Frey Jennifer Kingman Aid to Abused People WACOG-Mohave PAVAA
Gaeke Laura Maricopa County MEAPA
Garcia Daniel Rise Services, Inc. WACOG-YUMA
Gilliland Carol Mohave County Victim Services WACOG-Mohave PAVAA
Gomes Rose My Sister\'s Place, Catholic Charities MEAPA
Gonzales Francisca Pascua Yaqui Tribe MEAPA
Goodman Marsha Marsha Goodman, Attorney MEAPA
Greer Joel Mercy Care Plan MEAPA
Groezinger Bill Prime Care Home Solutions MEAPA
Gueveri Olivia Pinal-Gila Council for Senior Citizens WACOG-YUMA
Guy Bert Kissito Palm View Rehab and Care WACOG-YUMA
Guzman Tish Long Term Care Advocate, LLC MEAPA
Guzman Sonia Pascua Yaqui Tribe MEAPA
Hill Barbara Mercy Longterm Care MEAPA
Hindorff Joe Quality Life Products MEAPA
Janney Kim Mercy Care Plan MEAPA
Johnson Lora G. Salone and Johnson P.L.L.C. MEAPA
Jones Velda R San Carlos and Bylas MEAPA
Juedes Mary Aime RN Patient Advocates of Scottsdale MEAPA
Kerstetter Tristen Paradise Sunset Chapel Funeral Home MEAPA
Kirsch Beverly Mercy Care Plan MEAPA
Kopmeyer David Palm View Rehab and Care WACOG-YUMA
Landells Judith Mohave County Attorney\'s Office WACOG-Mohave PAVAA
Lescault Tom Scan Health Plan Arizona MEAPA
Leviness Lynn Right at Home MEAPA
Lloyd Dawn Merrill Lynch MEAPA
Logan Darlene G. Mohave County Probation WACOG-Mohave PAVAA
Lory Leslie Maricopa County MEAPA
Lucio Anthony Maricopa County MEAPA
Mabry Annette Mercy Care Plan MEAPA
Mahoney Karen Mercy Care Plan MEAPA
Manjanrez Linda Lutheran Social Service Home Care SEAGO-COCHISE
Marin Maurice KECY Cox 9 News WACOG-YUMA
Maskell Randy Rescare Home Care MEAPA
Mattson Chris Red Rock Care and Rehab MEAPA
McCann Jim Maricopa County MEAPA
McCollum Michele Prestige Assisted Living SEAGO-COCHISE
McMicheal Shana L Mercy Care Plan MEAPA
Mernitz R (Craig) RE/MAX Fine Properties MEAPA
Merrell Adam Palm View Nursing and Rehab WACOG-YUMA
Moehn Flynn Moving at Ease MEAPA
Moldenhauer Eric Northwest Indiana Home Care, LLC Ageless Alliance
Neely Coleen Maricopa County MEAPA
Peters Patrick L. Senior B2B Networking dba MEAPA
Petersen Carrie Maricopa County MEAPA
Phelan Shaun Senior Helpers MEAPA
Pierzchalski Cindy No Slip Zone MEAPA
Pierzchalski Greg No Slip Zone MEAPA
Powell Christine Law Office of Powell & Powell, PLC MEAPA
Rach Brian Kingman Police Dept. WACOG-Mohave PAVAA
Ramey Lillian Mohave County Public Fiduciary WACOG-Mohave PAVAA
Rhymes Billy John F Long Family Service Center MEAPA
Rosenthal David Non Profit Consulting Group MEAPA
Rushing Michelle Phoenix Silvercrest MEAPA
Salines-Mondello Lisa Salines-Mondello Law Firm, PC MEAPA
Schlultz Kathy Mohave County Public Fiduciary WACOG-Mohave PAVAA
Schmitt Terry Palm View Rehab WACOG-YUMA
Sellers Amber Scottsdale Physicians Group MEAPA
Shelton Patti J Law Office of Patti J. Shelton, P.L.L.C. MEAPA
Shiroda Cathy ResCare Homecare MEAPA
Stagg Diane K. Rent a Granma MEAPA
Stover Brandie R Mercy Care Plan MEAPA
Suminski Rashida Mohave County WACOG-Mohave PAVAA
Taylor Emily P NAU Civic Service Institute MEAPA
Thompson Linda S. Life Path Solutions, Inc. MEAPA
Tierney Courtney Prince William Area Agency on Aging Ageless Alliance
Traeye Joanne S Mercy Care Plan MEAPA
Valenzuela Irma Rise Services, Inc. WACOG-YUMA
Voigt Carol Right at Home MEAPA
Walker Traci Legacy Retirement Residence MEAPA
White Crystal Mercy Care Plan MEAPA
Williams Amber Mohave County WACOG-Mohave PAVAA
Williams Jude Oceans of Opportunities MEAPA
Wilson Jamie Mercy Care Plan MEAPA
Woda Kim MorningStar Assisted Living at Arcadia MEAPA
Young Robert L. RL Young Associates LLC MEAPA
Displaying 301 - 400 of 1059 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11